Acrobatic Arts Classes

We offer acrobatic arts classes for children aged 4+


Imogen Gibson

Jessica Scott

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A bit about our acrobatic arts classes


In Acrobatic Arts we combine the grace of dance with the power of Gymnastics. This was a new class to our dance school in 2016 and has proved to be a very popular dance style. We work on basic dance technique such as posture and line which leads to kicks, turns and jumps.


For the acrobatic side, we start with the basics with rolls, bridges and cartwheels which eventually will develop into more advanced sequences.


In this class we work hard on strengthening and offer an extra strength class to our Acrobatic Dancers aged 8+. We use progress cards to monitor our improvements each term.

This year we have our first Acro dance UK competition in June.



  • purple leotard
  • black footless tights / leggings / shorts
  • bare feet


  • black pants / shorts
  • black t-shirt
  • bare feet

Hair must be worn in a bun for acrobatic arts.

Dance School hoodies can be worn to all classes. These can be ordered with student initials on. 

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Acrobatic Arts