Street Dance classes

We offer street dance classes for children aged 3+


Keira Wilson

Imogen Gibson

Dates and times

A bit about our street dance classes


Our street dance classes are split into two age groups. Ages 3-7 and ages 8+.

What we do in a class

These classes are energetic and dynamic. Each week we choreograph contrasting routines to chart hits or movie soundtracks. In these routines we dance different styles of street from hip hop to locking. Street dance is a great dance class for co-ordination, strength and rhythm.




  • purple leotard
  • black footless tights / leggings / shorts
  • bare feet


  • black pants / shorts
  • black t-shirt
  • bare feet


Hair must be tied back for all classes.

Dance School hoodies can be worn to all classes. These can be ordered with student initials on.