Dance at Home activities

Hello dancers!
A big well done for dancing at home this term! Whether it is joining us for a zoom class to practicing your steps in your own time! Dance is not only a great form of exercise but it is a great way to boost our mood! So put on your favourite songs and have a good dance at home!

Why not make up your own choreography in your spare time?

  • Choose a song you would like to dance to and think of some steps that might go well with it. You can think about the rhythm. Is it fast/ slow? Is it relaxing/ energetic? How does the music make you feel? Maybe try some improvisation to it and see what your body comes up with!
  • Then from there you can choose what style of dance! Ballet/ Jazz/ Acro technique/ Street dance/ Lyrical/ Musical theatre or maybe even a mix?
  • Does your dance tell a story or does it just feel good to dance those steps to the music?
  • Think of the dynamics of the movements (this may go along with the music). You could make some movements sharp and then slow it down. You could use levels in your dance – high to the sky/ low to the floor.
  • You could start with a beginning position and start with 8 counts and take it from there. It doesn’t have to be a full track of music, maybe just 30 seconds.
  • You could even think of costume design and maybe create a picture or piece of artwork to go with it! You will find some colouring pictures in here that you can colour in and maybe take some of the costume ideas.

Don’t forget we have some videos on the website and in the group on the Facebook page as well as weekly zoom classes.

Happy dancing everyone!
Imogen & Jessica